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Historic State Capitol Commission

The Joint Committee on Rules of the California Legislature in 1976 declared the restoration of the Capitol the State’s prime Bicentennial Project. A 1971 seismic report had concluded that the building, constructed from 1860 to 1874, could not survive a strong earthquake. The Committee ultimately decided to restore the original structure instead of constructing a new Capitol building.

Prior to the California Capitol Restoration Project, there existed no guidelines or advisory authority to preserve and maintain the historic integrity of the Capitol and its artifacts, antiques and art. Consequently, succeeding administrations were unrestricted and free to do as they saw fit with the premises, its architecture and historical contents.

By Joint Resolution of the Legislature, a Capitol Commission was authorized to protect its historical and architectural restoration integrity in perpetuity. The Commission was to be composed of qualified persons in architecture, history and government who would review the maintenance and use of the landmark. There would be two Senate appointees, two Assembly appointees and three ex-officio members.

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